Guns store successfully sued for selling guns to straw purchaser

A gun store in Milwaukee was successfully sued by two police officers who were shot and wounded by an illegal gun getting into the hands of a criminal after a straw purchase at a local gun store. 10% of the ‘bad apple gun dealers,’ as the Brady Campaign calls them, supply 90% of the illegal guns. Here’s the story:

Two Officers Were Shot; Wisconsin Store Liable for Gun Sale

by ERIK ECKHOLM, New York Times, OCT. 13, 2015

MILWAUKEE — A jury late Tuesday awarded more than $5 million in damages to two police officers who were severely wounded with a pistol that a local gun shop sold to a straw buyer in 2009.

Deliberating only nine hours after a two-week trial in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, the jury of eight women and four men decided the unusual lawsuit here in favor of the plaintiffs. Gun-control advocates hoped the verdict would encourage more victims and lawyers to sue what they say is a small minority of gun stores that make questionable sales.

The jury found that the store had been seriously negligent in selling the gun when there were signs that the ostensible purchaser was fronting for an 18-year-old who accompanied him to the store….

read more at New York Times


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