State reps owe no apology for common-sense gun bill

editorial, Daily Local News from Delco Daily Times, 10/26/15

Last week when a group of state legislators and anti-gun violence advocates announced the introduction of a bill in the House of Representatives that would close a loophole in Pennsylvania’s background check law, they almost sounded apologetic.

“We are here today not to take anyone’s rights away. We’re not here today to trample the Second Amendment. We are here today to strike a reasonable balance between those rights and the ability of law enforcement across this commonwealth to protect the citizens of Pennsylvania,” said state Rep. Steve Santarsiero, D-31 of Bucks County.

He was speaking at a press conference promoting House Bill 1010 which he introduced, and companion Senate Bill 777 introduced by state Sen. Vincent Hughes, D-7 of Philadelphia, who was also at the event.

“All we’re trying to do (through the legislation) is to modernize the system, to use the technology that’s available to us to do a simple thing: Keep people a little bit safer and try to reduce the opportunity for violence and loss of life that could occur as a result of using guns. All we’re trying to do is save someone’s life,” said Hughes.

The bills they have introduced would amend the Pennsylvania Crimes Code to include universal background checks for the purchase of all firearms, short-barreled and long guns, whether from a licensed gun dealer or from an individual, including sales made at gun shows….

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