Tell Congress to do something about gun violence

Organizing for America, October 8, 2015 [includes petition]

It seems like every month, another horrific act of gun violence shakes Americans around the country.

That means there are more families—moms, dads, children—whose lives have been changed forever. These tragedies are heartbreaking—yet every time they happen, the conversation moves on, without any meaningful action to prevent another tragedy.

We can’t throw up our hands and accept this kind of brutality as our new normal—as President Obama said last week, “Our thoughts and prayers are not enough.”

But Congress has done nothing, and we can’t accept that. It’s up to organizers to demand better from Congress. We won’t stop calling for action until Congress makes changes at the national level.

We’re going to keep demanding reform, especially in the coming weeks. Starting this week, OFA supporters are calling their representatives—and your member of Congress should hear from you too. It’s time to get in touch with your representative—ask him or her to commit to do something about gun violence.

While no one common-sense reform will prevent every tragedy, sitting by and doing nothing is not an option. Americans overwhelmingly agree on a number of policy changes that will help keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.

The problem lies with a vocal minority that has prevented the sort of action we need from Congress. But we can’t treat our gun violence epidemic as an unchangeable fact of American life. And we can’t let our representatives off the hook because special interests are lobbying against taking action.

If Congress is going to act on this issue, they need to feel the pressure from the vast majority of Americans that want reform. They need to hear it from folks like you.

Add your voice to those telling Congress to do something about gun violence.

sign petition at Organizing for America


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