462 dead + 1312 injured this year to date in mass shootings

In case you were wondering, the toll so far this year is 462 dead and 1,312 injured in US mass shootings, defined as those having 4 or more victims dead or injured.

Those figures, representing the current totals of the list provided by Mass Shooting Tracker, probably miss some incidents, which are not easy to track.

Mass shootings are only part of the gun carnage in this country, which comes to about 90 dead a day or about 32,850 a year, (about 2/3 of them suicides). The average has been about 10.5 firearm deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, which is lower than in a few Latin American and African countries but much higher than in Europe (France for example: 3.01) and Asia (a few countries there are below 0.1).

Today is the 337th day of 2015, so the US has seen about 30,330 gun deaths so far this year.

Some of the shooters are identified in the list, but most are marked as unknown–in itself is a disquieting detail.

The mass shootings on the list thus represent only the tip of the iceberg: about 2% of the gun deaths so far this year.


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