National Murder Rate, 1970-2014

[This chart from Death Penalty Information Center shows the murder rate dramatically declining since 1993, then gradually since 1998. What happened in 1993? The Brady Bill and National Background Checks – our counter to any claims that “background checks don’t work” and “murders are declining and no regulations will make any difference.” (About 2/3 of US homicides are by gun.)]



One thought on “National Murder Rate, 1970-2014

  1. rtgardner3

    The aging population is also a part of this decline. A 60 year old is less apt to do something rash and stupid than a 20 year old. Like most issues dealing with humans, there is almost always complexities which need to be teased out. That said, states with less strict gun laws are much higher gun death rates than states with stricter gun control laws.



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