Brady Campaign and CCCPGV endorse Hillary Clinton for President

As explained in the following post from the Brady Campaign, Hillary Clinton is clearly the most progressive candidate who has actively made gun violence prevention one of her main campaign issues.  She has committed to our cause whole heartedly, and for this reason, and those stated in the following from the Brady Campaign, CCCPGV endorses Hillary Clinton for President.


Last night’s Iowa caucus was an important reminder that every voice matters and every vote counts in this democracy. The millions of us who care about ending the epidemic of gun violence have to do more than show up at the polls – we have to spread the word about what’s at stake in this election.

There are very real differences between the Democratic candidates in this race. Hillary Clinton is not only a long-time champion of the lifesaving Brady law, she has made gun violence prevention a centerpiece of her campaign. As she said last night in Iowa, she has made it her mission to stand up to the corporate gun lobby to build the safer America we all deserve.

With our voices and our votes, it’s time to send the message loud and clear: Americans have had #ENOUGH of gun violence, and victory will go to the leaders who take a bold stand for change.

Yours in the fight,

Dan Gross,
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence


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