Rally for Background Checks in Harrisburg

500 + very boisterous people descended on Harrisburg on Monday, May 16th to make it known that Pennsylvania needs Universal Background Checks on every gun sale, including private long gun sales- the PA loophole.  Grandparents, parents, children, advocates from the suburbs, from the inner city, from Philly and Pittsburg, and victims of gun violence, mothers who lost children, partners who lost loved ones, all came to let their legislators know that too many people are dying – currently in PA 1400 per year.

Rep. Steve Santarsiero and Rep. Dwight Evans are at the podium: co-sponsors of HB 1010 to close the long gun private sale loophole in PA.

A woman who was shot at a government meeting told her tragic story, as a mentally disturbed loner, Rockne Newell, who was having his property condemned, came to a local government meeting with a semi-automatic rifle, and killed her husband, and two other government officials while shooting 6 in all. She said that her husband took the bullet that was meant for her.  Tragedy, determination, and unity for a just cause was the theme.

It was a great day to get energized for the job ahead, and Harrisburg heard our voices loud and clear.

Tom Buglio- director: Chester County Coalition To Prevent Gun Violence




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