Time to ignore decorum in the Gun Violence Debate?

letter, Daily Local News, 7/6/16

In the wake of the Orlando massacre, Senate Dems took to the floor and conducted a Filibuster that went into the wee hours of the morning, pleading with the Republican leadership to bring common sense gun bills up for a vote: on expanding background checks and keeping guns out of the hands of suspected terrorists. The Senate leadership relented, and had votes on 5 different bills. They all failed.

The House Dems surprised everyone by practicing civil disobedience and conducting a Sit-in, disrupting normal proceedings with their demand for a vote on the same types of gun sense bills. House Speaker Paul Ryan dismissed the House to an early vacation rather than giving in to their demands for a vote. Some may say these types of actions are ‘out of order’ and ‘against the rules.’ I say, when it comes to saving lives,  sometimes you have to shake things up. What did the Congress do after Charleston, after Virginia Tech, after Aurora,  after Tucson, after Sandy Hook? What are they doing now after Orlando? The answer is the same, NOTHING! Well

Certain members of Congress and the American public are fed up with the Do Nothing Congress-many having received $ from the NRA,  and are, to borrow a phrase from a famous movie, “Mad as Hell and Won’t Take it Anymore!”  Decorum and order go out the window when Congress can’t even lift a finger to do what 90% of their constituents  want them to do- a background check for every gun sale, public and private.

Our organization protested under the office windows of US Congressman Ryan Costello this week, because he represents  the ‘Do Nothing’ Congress. He has refused to take a stand on any gun sense bill despite repeated requests to do so, and  refuses to meet personally with our group. Is this out of order, not following the rules of decorum? When it comes to something as important as saving lives,  Decorum can sometimes go out the window.

Tom Buglio
Chester County Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence


2 thoughts on “Time to ignore decorum in the Gun Violence Debate?

  1. rtgardner3

    Posted in Reading Eagle LTE today.

    I applaud the actions led by U.S. Rep. John Lewis shutting down the House of Representatives last week over the issue of gun control. It is time the Democrats showed that they care about the people of this country and their safety. It is time to refute the cold, hypocritical lies of the National Rifle Association and their toadies in the Republican Party. It is time for patriotic American citizens, as individuals and together, to stand up for the safety of our children and our citizens.

    We hope that the events of last week don’t need to be repeated when Congress returns to session. However, should it be necessary to bring sanity to this country we fully support a repeat not only in the U.S. House but in legislatures across this country. If Republicans can shut down the government out of malice and spite, the Democrats can do the same out of love for this country and its citizens.



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