Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine — a great team for our cause

by Tom Buglio

Hillary and her Vice Presidential choice, Tim Kaine, made an appearance on 60 Minutes, and I am very pleased to have Tim Kaine as Hillary’s VP choice. Although my first choice was Elizabeth Warren, because of her being an absolute rock star and exciting personality in the Dem field, after studying all that he has done, I have come to the conclusion that Tim Kaine is an excellent choice, especially for our cause.  Tim Kaine spent a year after graduating college to go to Honduras to build homes and help, while learning fluent Spanish.  As Virginia governor, he repeatedly stood up to the NRA- especially after the Virginia Tech shooting, which he describes as the worst day of his tenure as Governor.  After the Republicans blocked any meaningful gun reform legislation, he imposed an executive action on mental health reporting that is still in effect for the state of Virginia.  He has an F rating from the NRA, and on our cause will be a strong ally to Hillary.

It is up to us to combat the stereotype of Hillary as being ‘untrustworthy’ and Tim Kaine as being ‘boring’.  Neither is true, and both would be the best champions for our cause ever to be in the White House.


2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine — a great team for our cause

  1. davidwarrenlong

    Great piece, Tom, things are looking up, is this going to the Inquirer? See you Thursday for final night, Hillary has guts to curb NRA.


  2. Phyllis West

    Thanks, Tom, well written update. Much work to do, but we have a well-qualified, positive team going forward. Added bonus: Tim Keane’s “F” on his NRA report card (if I heard that correctly?).



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