Pa. Sen. Bob Casey, officials seek answers to gun violence

By Rick Kauffman, Times Herald, 8/10/16

CHESTER >> A visit from U.S. Sen. Bob Casey to Chester City Hall on Tuesday was focused on the trend of gun violence in urban areas.

Joined by Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland, Chester police Commissioner Darren Alston, Norristown police Chief Mark Talbot and members of local youth and study groups, the small summit discussed methods that politicians, police officers and residents must make to address public safety.

“Certainly part of the discussion is about the need for a comprehensive approach to this challenge of gun violence,” said Casey, D-Pa. “I think there are a series of common-sense measures that Congress should pass — background check legislation, limiting the clips of the magazines, banning the military-style weapons.”

On the state level, two measures on implementing stricter background checks — House Bill 1010 and Senate Bill 1049 — have failed to gain traction in Harrisburg this year after a push from supporters and a demonstration at the Capitol Building.

More recently, HB 1496, which increases the maximum available penalties for felons who illegally possess firearms, HB 1497, which bars a juvenile adjudicated for selling drugs from possessing a firearm until age 30, and HB 1498, which requires the state police to send all existing Pennsylvania mental health data to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System within 90 days, all passed by large margins.

Casey, however, said more needs to be done on the federal level to keep guns out of the wrong hands. …

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