Donald Trump Courts the Gun Zealots

By THE EDITORIAL BOARD, New York Times, AUG. 13, 2016

The mutual embrace of Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association grew tighter last week with Mr. Trump’s incendiary suggestion that Second Amendment advocates could “maybe” find a way to deal with Hillary Clinton and her gun safety agenda if she reached the White House.

Whether calculated or clumsy, Mr. Trump’s ugly pronouncement left a whiff of lethal intimidation in the air. It marked a singular moment of desperation in his presidential campaign — but also created grounds for the nation to demand a rational, substantive campaign debate on gun safety that gets beyond Mr. Trump’s inflammatory sound bites.

The N.R.A. stands almost alone now with Mr. Trump, as one of his few remaining stalwarts in the Republican coalition. Mr. Trump cynically cast aside his earlier pro-gun-control position and successfully pandered this year for the group’s endorsement during the primaries. And while Mr. Trump denies any intent to cue up gun-packing psychopaths, his new best friends in the N.R.A. have begun a $3 million TV attack campaign against Mrs. Clinton….

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One thought on “Donald Trump Courts the Gun Zealots

  1. davidwarrenlong

    Hi, Tom,

    Yet another big reason to oppose Trump between now and Nov. 8, and make sure he doesn’t get anywhere near the White House. This has become not simply a political issue but a moral one, and needs to be addressed by UUPLAN, local congregations, and other such organizations.

    Best regards, David



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