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Tragically, Here We Are… Again

Fatal Shooting in West Goshen – Neighbor vs Neighbor

It has been a tough summer. Reports have just hit the media that there was a fatal shooting in a neighbor vs. neighbor dispute in West Goshen early in the morning of August 8.

This follows the fatal shooting of Bianca Roberson in late June, also in West Goshen. Cornell Thompson, age 22, was shot and killed in CoatesvilleĀ August 1.

We believe it is vitally important that our citizens:

  • Understand current gun laws
  • Consider the implications of those laws
  • Determine if those laws protect the rights of gun owners and non gun owners alike, and foster a culture that emphasizes the rights and responsibilities of gun ownership

We MUST come together and have a conversation reflecting diverse viewpoints on the presence of guns in our homes and communities.

  • Are we doing enough to monitor gun purchases?
  • Are those who own guns knowledgeable about their safe handling and maintenance?
  • Do our laws serve to protect those who choose to NOT own guns as well as protecting the rights of those who do?

All good questions. Please join us in identifying equally good answers.