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Wearing Orange, 400 Delco residents unite & march Media for sensible gun policy

by Anne Neborak, DelCo Times, 6/3/17

Hundreds attend the rally at the Second Baptist Church of Media Friday night. They later walked along State Street for the National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

MEDIA >> More than 400 people wearing orange filled the Second Baptist Church of Media Friday night in a show of unity to shoot down gun violence.

It was standing room only at the Wear Orange Rally and Walk for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

The rally and walk sponsored by Delaware County United for Sensible Gun Policy is Cochaired by Terry Rumsey and Robin Lasersohn. The group is lobbying to pass legislation to establish universal background checks on guns sales in Pennsylvania with House Bill 1400, which is sponsored by state Rep. James Santora, R-163, of Upper Darby.

Rumsey and Lasersohn spoke about the importance of contacting legislators to work toward sensible gun policies. Lasersohn wants to rename Friday’s National Gun Violence Awareness Day to National Gun Violence Awareness and Action Day.

Legislators state Sen. Tom Killion, R-9, Rep. Santora and state Rep. Leanne Krueger-Braneky, D-161, attended the march and rally to advocate and support an end gun to violence through legislation.

It came on a day – National Gun Violence Awareness Day – when four different shooting incidents took place in the city of Chester, including one that took the life of a 16-year-old walking to school at Chester High.

Killion has authored Senate Bill 501, which would work to get the guns out of persons facing a protection from abuse order in domestic violence situations. Currently in a domestic abuse situation the person subject of the order has 60 days to give up their firearms, and they can give them to a friend or relative. Under Killion’s measure a person suspected of domestic abuse would have to surrender their firearms to a law enforcement officer within 24 hours….

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PA Background Checks superior to National

On Tuesday, March 15th, a number of progressive PA legislators, and leaders from Gun Violence groups met in Harrisburg to define and refine strategy for making progress in our movement.   In addition, Captain Sean McGinley and Major Scott Price were there representing the State Police.  Their information concerning PICS, Pennsylvania’s background check system was enlightening.  In PA, a gun buyer for everything except for private long gun sales must submit to both NICS and PICS -national and PA background checks.  Here are some facts related by the State Police reps:

*Cracking down on Firearms Denials: The PA State Police have used PICS over the last 4 years to become more aggressive in investigating and prosecuting those who try to buy a gun legally and are denied because of background problems. Currently, there are 6 troopers dedicated to investigating illegal firearms purchases.  In 2015 alone, there were over 4 thousand investigations, 2,290 convictions and 144 people were arrested at point of sale for active warrants.  When the gun rights crowd says ‘enforce existing laws’, we are doing that in PA.

*PICS stronger than FICS:  It was related that PICS searches PA drivers license numbers through PennDot and closes loopholes for searching on name alone (NICS) in instances of name changes.  PICS is also able to use 10 days to investigate anyone held up from buying, and if after 10 days cannot verify, the decision defaults to denial of the sale.  NICS has only 3 days, and as in the case of the Charleston shooter, if the investigation is not complete, the default position is the sale goes through – sometimes with tragic consequences.

*PFA-Protection from Abuse Orders: PICS has 1,500 more PFA’s on record than NICS.

So as you can see, there are some things PA is doing that is very right.   We need ALL GUN SALES to go through PICS, and we all owe a debt of gratitude to the PA State Police for their service in keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

Tom Buglio-CCCPGV director

State by State, More Guns Mean More Killing of Women

By Christina Cauterucci,, 1/26/16

Homicide-wise, gun-ownership rates impact women more than men.

A new study from Boston University has found a strong correlation between a state’s rate of gun ownership and its rate of women murdered by people they know. The article, soon to be published in Violence and Gender, stands to combat claims from conservatives that guns make women safer. In fact, relaxing gun laws may have dire implications for domestic violence.

Authors Michael Siegel and Emily Rothman studied firearm ownership rates and how they compared with gun-related homicides of both men and women, committed by both strangers and nonstrangers, from 1981 to 2013. After controlling for age, race, region, poverty, unemployment, education, divorce rate, alcohol use, and a number of other potentially extenuating factors, they found that higher levels of gun ownership corresponded to higher rates of women being killed by people they know, but not by strangers.

Most women killed in the U.S. are killed with guns, and gun-ownership rates are associated with more homicides, more homicides by gun, and in particular more homicides by gun by a nonstranger. Continue reading