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State by State, More Guns Mean More Killing of Women

By Christina Cauterucci,, 1/26/16

Homicide-wise, gun-ownership rates impact women more than men.

A new study from Boston University has found a strong correlation between a state’s rate of gun ownership and its rate of women murdered by people they know. The article, soon to be published in Violence and Gender, stands to combat claims from conservatives that guns make women safer. In fact, relaxing gun laws may have dire implications for domestic violence.

Authors Michael Siegel and Emily Rothman studied firearm ownership rates and how they compared with gun-related homicides of both men and women, committed by both strangers and nonstrangers, from 1981 to 2013. After controlling for age, race, region, poverty, unemployment, education, divorce rate, alcohol use, and a number of other potentially extenuating factors, they found that higher levels of gun ownership corresponded to higher rates of women being killed by people they know, but not by strangers.

Most women killed in the U.S. are killed with guns, and gun-ownership rates are associated with more homicides, more homicides by gun, and in particular more homicides by gun by a nonstranger. Continue reading