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Oppose HB 2258 and SB 1330!

Please call or email your state representative and senator today and tell him or her to vote NO on HB 2258 or SB 1330, both giving the NRA and other gun organizations an artificial standing to sue cities and towns without needing to show damages. Please write; playing defense is no fun, but important!

From CeaseFirePA:

The gun lobby and their friends in Harrisburg seem to be in a timewarp. Just like two years ago, they are trying to ram through the special standing bill during the short time between summer recess and the elections. As you remember, this is the bill that allows the NRA and other groups to sue our cities for trying to make their communities safer.

And we know from experience what this means. It’s not hypothetical. Last time when this bill passed, the NRA and several extremist gun groups sued Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Lancaster and Lower Merion Township. These time-consuming and expensive lawsuits could bankrupt your city.

The Supreme Court struck this law down in June because of how it was enacted in 2014, so the gun lobby is trying again. They know they can’t just stick it onto another bill like they did last time, so they’re trying right away to pass it on its own.

Please tell your legislator you’ve had enough and to vote No on HB 2258.

Download the texts of both bills here (just enter HB 2258 or SB 1330 into the Legislation Quick Search box).


Terrorism Aided by Easy Access to Guns

Letter to the Editor, Daily Local News, 11/17/15 [not on Daily Local web site]

After the horrific Paris terrorist massacre, the world again turns its attention to how to respond.

We will hear lots of talk about closing the borders, stepping up military action in Syria and Iraq, stepping up intelligence gathering and whether to contain or destroy ISIS. All of these reactions are understandable, as the people of France are emotionally dealing with their version of 911.
Terrorism has become a reality of contemporary life.

Another constant is homegrown gun violence, which every day takes the lives of 90 people in the United States. While the tragedy of Paris is truly shocking and horrible, it is a sobering reminder that it just takes two days of ‘normal’ gun violence in American to have more deaths than what happened in Paris last week.

One of the main functions of government is to keep its citizens safe — especially when they feel vulnerable.

One way is to do everything we can to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people–including terrorists. If we really want to protect Americans, we need to make it as difficult for terrorists to get their hands on firearms as possible. What to do?

1. Pass Universal background checks for gun purchases — no private sales without one

2. Pass Lost or stolen gun reporting — to reduce the amount of illegal guns

3. Crack down on ‘Bad Apple Gun Dealers’ — who do not follow safe procedures when selling guns.

There are 3 good bills in PA that deal with just these issues, and 2 bills in the US House that would strengthen background checks. I applaud State rep. Dan Truitt, State rep. Warren Kampf and State rep. Chris Ross for cosigning some of these bills. I call on Senator Dinniman and US Rep Costello to step up to the plate and Cosponsor these good bills.

Let’s hope that a reaction to the latest shocking act of violence in Paris can light a fire under our legislators to get serious about reducing gun violence- as a tactic to combat global and domestic terrorism.

Tom Buglio, West Chester
Chester County Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence