Wednesday, July 25, 7:15 pm  Member & Guest Meeting

Considering the Costs of Gun Violence

Downingtown Friends Meeting House, 800 E. Lancaster Ave., Downingtown

What is the cost of an incident of gun violence?
We hear about gun violence almost daily — typically headlines with how many have been killed or injured.  We less often hear details of the economic and human toll that accompanies those statistics.
The program will explore the financial and economic costs of gun violence — trying to prevent it and addressing the aftermath — and the personal and societal costs of worrying it may occur and coping when it has happened. The meeting will conclude with several personal stories on the human cost of gun violence for victims and their loved ones.

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 7:15 pm

Mental Illness & Gun Violence

September 25, Birmingham Friends Meeting,1245 Birmingham Road,West Chester, PA 19382

We often hear that mental illness is a key problem in gun violence. Many mental health professionals say this is untrue and a dangerous message to be sending.  This meeting will explore why some believe mental illness is behind gun violence and what concerns mental health professionals have about this message. What does each group mean by “mental illness?”  If it is an issue, what can be done to help address it?  If “mental illness” is not a significant factor, what are the concerns that lead people to these conclusions and how can we address those concerns?