Tuesday, Nov. 27, 7:15 pm, Member & Guest Meeting

Sharing Our Dreams for a World with Less Gun Violence

St. Paul’s UCC, 101 Worthington Road, Exton

Join us to share ideas, strengthen our Gun Sense community and celebrate our vision of a future free of gun tragedies. Bring YOUR ideas to our workshop, where we will work together to envision what our world look and feel like with less gun violence and discuss the path to get there. Your input will inform development of the 2019 strategic plan. The meeting will be facilitated by Bonalyn Mostellar, an Organizational Development professional with abundant experience helping non-profit organizations create and implement plans to achieve their vision.

Start thinking now:  If gun violence were greatly decreased by 2023:

  • What would look different?
  • What would feel different?
  • How would that improve your life and your community?
  • What needs to happen for us to achieve this change?

We look forward to hearing your answers!