January 29, 7:15 pm — Member & Guest Meeting

2019:  Fast Forward!

10 W. Pleasant Grove Rd., West Chester (Westminster Presbyterian)

Come one, come all!  Join us for an exciting update on how we’re going “Fast Forward” in 2019 — building on the momentum from our work in the 2017-2018 PA legislative session, and the election of numerous “gun sense” candidates. 

There has been a lot of organizational discussion and planning going on behind the scenes during this past few months. We’re excited to share it!

We’ll begin the meeting by reviewing our plans to achieve change designed to reduce gun violence. These include:

  • Education and discussion about individual behaviors that foster a balanced approach to the presence of guns in our communities
  • Enacting laws that reflect broad consensus on common sense approaches to ensure those purchasing guns are allowed to have them, and those who own guns demonstrate responsible gun ownership practices

Then, it’s your turn to talk! We’ll engage in small group discussion to hear your reactions, questions and suggestions for how to powerfully move forward as a group to implement our plans and support our communities in reducing gun violence.

It’s a terrific time to lift your voice and get involved. Look forward to seeing you there!