Even in bucolic Chester County, we live in an unsafe world…….

Coatesville: 4 shootings in one week-September 28th to October 3rd, there were 4 homicide shootings in Coatesville, marking 7 homicide, and 6 by gun shot wound in Coatesville this year.  On Wed. Sept. 28th, David Wayne Fitzsimmons was found in the back of an apartment dead from bullet wounds.  William Chance, 46, was found  in the same apartment with a serious gun wound, of which he died after being transported to Paoli Hospital.  There was drug paraphernalia in the apartment.  On Thursday, Oct. 4th, Damon Eric Wylie, 50, of Coatesville was found shot to death in an alley.  On Monday, October 3rd, Kevin Paul Jalbert, 36 of South Carolina, was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, of which he died later at Paoli Hospital.  After having no gun homicides in 2012 and 2013,  this year has proven to be the deadliest in Coatesville in years.

Coatesville: August 28th, 2016-a 17 year old young man was shot in the leg near 7th and Diamond streets by a group of other teenagers.

Coatesville: August 26th, 2016-a homeless man, 24 year old Ales Hartzell of Pottstown, was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds in Diamond Alley, marking the third gun homicide in Coatesville this year.

Coatesville: June 16th, 2016- Dashawn London turned himself in after shooting a rival for the affections of a woman in the leg. He tracked his victim, Nafeese Atkins, to his home, and shot through Atkins’ front door, where he was injured in the leg.

Coatesville: May 26th 2016 – Police arrested two people for attempted homicide as they exchanged gunfire in downtown Coatesville. Multiple people sustained gunshot injuries and were taken to the hospital, treated and released. Two were then arrested.

Schuylkill Township: May 2, 2016 – Keith Robert Smith used a 12 gauge shotgun to kill his girlfriend and attempt to kill himself, leaving 3 children severely traumatized in another domestic violence incident turned deadly with a gun.

Coatesville: April 17th, 2016 – shots fired by a woman who was trying to break up a fight between her boyfriend and another man.  The victim was grazed in the head by the bullet, but was released from the hospital.  The woman at first fled, but then turned herself in to the police.

West Chester: April 11th, 2016 – shots were fired in the borough in the area of Washington and High streets shortly before midnight.  Fortunately, no injuries reported.

East Caln: March 6th, 2016-Douglas Kohen, alleged child abuser, shoots into the home of his victim 6 times in an attempt to kill the father of his victim at 3AM, terrorizing the family.  A bullet narrowly missed one of the children.  Kohen was intoxicated, and was captured fleeing the scene when he flipped his vehicle, and was arrested.  Fortunately, no one was injured, but the victims family will have to deal with the psychological fallout of having 6 shots fired through their front door late at night, bound to cause nightmares and flashbacks.

Coatesville: March 5th, 2016-two Lincoln University students were involved in a gun shooting that resulted in the death of Christopher Robinson, in a robbery that turned fatal.

Phoenixville: February 14th, 2016 – 12 shots fired into apartment window in Phoenixville, injuring two people. Victims were hospitalized, and fortunate to be alive.

Coatesville: February 8th, 2016- Jamil Battle was shot in the lower back at Regency Park Apartments, with multiple bullets striking the buildings doors and windows. No other injuries reported.

West Chester: Halloween night,a 19 year old man is shot in the torso late at night in the West Chester city limits. This marks the 4th shooting in West Chester in 2015.

Coatesville: October 4th, 2015 – Juan Antonio Jiminez was shot to death, becoming the first gun violence death in Coatesville in three years.

West Chester:  August 20, 2015 – Henderson High School senior Cristian Santiago, is shot and killed when selling marijuana in a car to three others.  HIs body is discarded on Hillsdale Avenue, within sight of the Art Center in town.

West Chester:  August 8th, 2015 –  Three arrested after joy riding down High Street in the busy downtown, and take shots at the parking garage as they pass by.  No one was injured.

West Grove: August 5th, 2015 – a disturbed man barricades himself in his home with an arsenal of weapons and has a standoff with police which required a Swat team.  Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

West Chester:  April 18th, 2015 – one young man shoots another in the leg late at night on Church Street near Senator Diniman’s and Congressman Costello’s offices in downtown West Chester.

Coatesville:  November 3rd, 2014 – Jacinda Miller, 41 year old mother and popular trainer at the Brandywine YMCA, is shot and killed by her estranged boyfirend in the Y parking lot.

Downingtown: October 4th, 2014 – At Beaver Creek Elementary School, 16 year old Matt Rogers brought a pistol to a fight and shot a student in the leg.


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