33,000 Americans die each year from gun violence, so it is folly to list them all.  Here are some recent incidents, and a listing of some of the most famous mass murder tragedies that have gotten the most publicity.

Orlando, Florida:  Friday, June 2nd, 2017-Town with the terrible reputation as having the worse mass shooting in US history, Pulse nightclub one year ago,  comes another disturbing mass shooting.  A disgruntled, fired worker came back to his place of business, shot and killed 5 before shooting himself.

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida:  Friday, January 6th, 2017   Another mass shooting by a deranged gunman adds to the long, grim list of mass shootings.  An Iraq war veteran suffering from PTSD and possible mental derangement, picked up his packed gun from the baggage claim at the Ft. Lauderdale airport (which is legal) and fired indiscriminantly at people picking up their luggage at a baggage claim.  He killed 5 and wounded 8 people before running out of ammo.  26 year old Esteban Santiago had been demoted and discharged by the National Guard for unsatisfactory performance.   He walked into the FBI office in Anchorage, Alaska, speaking of the US government controlling his mind and ‘forcing him to watch ISIS videos.’   At that time, he had his guns taken away from him.  Unfortunately, his guns were returned to him, with tragic consequences.

Little Rock, Arkansas: Dec. 18th, 2016   A road rage incident killed a 3 year old boy when traveling with his grandmother.  The shooter was enraged because of his perception that the car was taking too long at a stop sign, so he got out of his car and shot into their car!  This was the second child death due to road rage in a month in Little Rock, adding to the 2 year old killed by a drive by shooter in November.

Des Moines, Iowa:  November 2nd, 2016   Two Des Moines police officers were shot to death by Scott Michael Greene, in an ambush style killing, while they sat in their squad cars.  Mr. Greene was taken into custody later same day without incident.   He has a history of erratic behavior, and was recently kicked out of a local High School football game for carrying and waving a Confederate flag.  High probability of some sort of mental illness.

Townville, South Carolina Elementary School:  Sept. 28th, 2016  A 14 year old boy found his father’s gun and shot his father to death at their home, before driving a pickup truck to the Elementary School, crashing the pickup truck, and shooting at teachers and students as they came out to recess. Bullets struck two students and a first grade teacher, and the building was immediately placed on lock down.   The student was arrested within minutes of the shooting, and he never made it into the school.  “Why in the world would that boy do that?” said a neighbor to the shooters family.  The teen’s mother Tiffney Osborne, said in a statement that the family  ” cannot express the devastation we feel at the loos of our beloved Jeff (father).” Fire Chief Brock was the man who subdued the shooter, but did not want attention for his actions. He said “The true heroes of the senseless tragedy are the teachers who put their lives on the line to protect their students.”  One of the students shot later died of his gunshot wound.

Burlington, Washington: Sept. 23rd, 2016  A man with a rifle entered the popular Cascade Mall and started shooting people at Macy’s Department Store.  He killed 4 people at the scene, and a 5th victim died later of his wounds.  Mayor Steve Sexton stated “This was a senseless act.  It was the world knocking on our doorstep and it came into our little community.”  The age of the victims ranged from a teenager to a senior citizen.   As shots rang out, shoppers hid in dressing rooms and bathrooms, and made hushed, terrified phone calls to loved ones. Lamented was the phrase heard at so many scenes of mass shootings: “I never thought this would happen here.”

The killer was arrested after a 24 hour manhunt, as he was taken into custody on a sidewalk outside his apartment complex.  Arcan Cetin is a Turkish immigrant, and a legal permanent resident.  He had a string of runins with the law in recent years, and a neighbor felt he was very ‘creepy, rude and obnoxious.’   Arrested for assaulting his step-father, a judge ordered him not to possess a gun, but it is unclear whether he was in the data base as being barred from getting his guns legally or where he bought them.  What is certain is the grief and suffering he has caused families, friends and a community.


Alpine, Texas: Sept. 8th, 2016- A 14 year old female student brought a gun to Alpine High School and shot another female student before turning the gun on herself which resulted in a suicide.

Chicago, Illinois: August 27th, 2016- Nykea Aldridge, mother of four and cousin of NBA star Dwayne Wade,  was killed by stray bullets while pushing her new baby in a stroller.  South and west Chicago has been wracked by an alarming uptick in gun violence with 500 deaths in the city already this year.

New York City: August 14th, 2016- A Bangladeshi Imam and his companion were shot and killed walking down the street following afternoon prayers.  Maulana Akonjee was considered to be a leader in the community, and someone who advocated for peace.  Because there was $1000 cash on their person which was not taken, and because they were shot in the back of the head, the motive was apparently a hate crime.

Tulsa, Oklahoma: August 12th, 2016   A man who had been terrorizing a Lebanese neighbor family for years, was released on bail of a hit and run charge where he had hit  Haifa Jabara with his car, with his victim suffering a broken shoulder.  While awaiting trial, Stanley Majors shot and killed Khalid Jabara in an apparent hate crime.

Kansas City, Kansas: July 19th, 2016-  A Kansas City policeman was shot and killed while searching for a suspect in a drive by shooting.  Police officer Robert Melton caught the suspect, who opended fire at 2AM, killing the officer with multiple bullet wounds.  The shooter was caught and apprehended 5 minutes later.

Orlando, Florida: June 12th, 2016- Omar Mateen, an American born to Afghan parents, took an AR-15 with high capacity magazines and massacred 50 people with 54 more wounded at the Pulse nightclub in the worst mass shooting in American history. The act appears to be lone wolf inspired, as the shooter, who was killed by police, claimed allegiance to ISIS on a phone call to 911.  In addition, the shooter attacked a gay bar with hatred for the LGBT community.

Orlando, Florida: June 11th, 2016- Christina Grimmie, professional singer who rose to fame on the TV show ‘The Voice’, was shot to death after a performace by a deranged, obsessive and delusional fan with a gun.  The gunman then killed himself in yet another murder -suicide made possible by easy access to guns.

Los Angeles, California: June 1st, 2016- A former grad student of UCLA shot and killed his estranged wife in Minnesota, then drove across the country to find and shoot a former teacher on the campus of UCLA. Mainak Sarkar used twin 9 mm semi automatic handguns legally purchased in Minnesota.  After shooting the professor, he turned the gun on himself, in yet another murder -suicide.  UCLA campus was on lockdown for 9 hours.

Silver Spring, Maryland: May 6th, 2016- A federal security officer, Eulalio Tordil, was arrested after shooting 6 people and killing 3 , including his wife, in a day long shooting spree at multiple locations. He had a protective order issued by his wife against him, to no avail because of his easy access to a gun.

Louisville, Kentucky: May 5th, 2016- Two teenagers were shot during the annual Pegasus Parade, that celebrates Kentucky Derby week in downtown Louisville. The teenagers were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.  The shooters were apparently known by the victims.

Antigo, Wisconsin:  April 23rd, 2016-An 18 year old man opened fire with a high powered rifle outside of a high school prom wounding two students before a police officer fatally shot him.  The shooter was armed with a high capacity bullet magazine, and the quick action of the officer could have prevented a blood bath at a place of high school celebration, the senior prom.

Piketon, Ohio: April 22nd, 2016- Eight family members were systematically executed in one of the worst mass shootings in Ohio history.  The victims were involved in growing marijuana, and it appears to be a drug related execution in 4 separate homes.

New Orleans, Louisianna: April 10th, 2016-former much loved  New Orleans Saints member Will Smith was shot and killed in a road rage incident, shocking fans of the team. His car was rear ended by a man in a Humvee, and the resulting argument ended with the owner of the Humvee grabbing a gun out of his car and shooting Will Smith to death, as well as shooting his wife in the leg, who survived the ordeal.

Woodbridge, Virginia: February 27th, 2016-  Army Sargent Ronald Hamilton shoots and kills his wife after a domestic dispute, and shoots the three police officers dispatched to the scene, killing officer Ashley Guindon, first day on the job.

Hesston, Kansas: February 25th, 2016- Employee at a Lawn service manufacturing plant kills 3 and wounds 14 with a semi-automatic AK-47 rifle after being served with a protection from abuse order. A convicted felon, he was supplied with two guns by  another woman who is under arrest.  Shooting many pedestrians randomly, he went back to work during a regular work day and shot many inside  the plant.

Kalamazoo, Michigan: February 19th, 2016- Uber driver Jason Dalton drives around and kills 6 random strangers and wounds two more in a night of bizarre rampage.

Chesapeake, Virginia: January 27th, 2016- A man kills 5 members of his family and then himself in a murder -suicide.

Beaumont, Texas: October 23rd, 2015 – Woman has a concealed permit and while sitting in her doctor’s office, accidentally drops her pistol out of her purse while reaching for something else.  The gun discharges and shoots another patient in  the hip.

Nashville, Tennessee:  October 23rd, 2015 – Yet another campus shooting, where 1 dead and 3 wounded after a shooting at  Tennessee State University occurred in an outdoor courtyard.  The gunman is still at large after fleeing the scene on foot.

Flagstaff, Arizona: October 9th, 2015 – Officials say one person is dead and three others are wounded following an early morning shooting at Northern Arizona University when a fight between students turned deadly.Roseburg, Oregon: October 1st, 2015  A mentally disturbed young man brought an arsenal of weapons to Umpqua Community College and kills 9, injuring 17 before killing himself.  The rampage gets national attention and publicity.

Charleston, South Carolina: June 17th, 2015, a young mentally disturbed man with white supremacist ideology joins a prayer service at the Emmanuel AME church, and guns down 9 people to death.  This shooting garners huge national attention. The shooter had a criminal record, and was able to buy a gun legally because the background check system took longer than 3 days.  This loophole allowed the shooter to buy the guns used in the shooting.  However, no new gun laws are seriously discussed.

See a comprehensive list of mass shootings since 1982 compiled by Mother Jones.


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