Gun Related Bills in Congress-2017:

  • Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act:  HR1181  This bill seeks to reverse an Obama era executive action that mandates the VA medical professionals deciding which Vets have proven to be  a danger to themselves or others.  If passed, it would take 170,000 Vets off of the NICS, National Instant Background Check system from being prohibited to buy a gun legally.   This bill Passed the House  and is currently in the Senate Calendar under ‘general orders.
  • Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act:  HR 38, S446   This bill seeks to  mandate that anyone with a concealed carry license in their state be accepted in all other states.  In PA we have a process of receiving a concealed carry permit through the Sheriff’s office which involves a background check, a three page application, 2 personal references, and discretion of the sheriff to make final determination as to your competence.  Many other states have stricter requirements, including passing a gun safety training course, and proof that one needs to carry a concealed weapon.  Other states have NO REQUIREMENTS, known as ‘Constitutional Carry’.  This bill would force all states to accept the lowest common denominator of vetting for concealed carry.  In addition, HR 38  if passed, would permit anyone with a permit to bring the gun to schools, eliminating the policy of “safe school zones”.  HR 38 Status: in House Judiciary Committee with 192 cosponsors.   S446 Status: in Senate Judiciary with 36 cosponsors.
  • National “Hearing Protection” Act:  HR 367, S 59  This bill seeks to make silencers as easy to buy as guns legally.  Right now, silencers have very strict conditions for purchase, as they are considered a device coveted by criminals.  The argument that long term exposure to gun fire is harmful to hunters ears does not hold water when high decibel hearing protection has been available for many years.  HR367 Status: in House Judiciary committee with 140 cosponsors.  S 59 Status: in Senate Committee on Finance, has 15 cosponsors.
  • Gun Violence Reduction Resources Act: HR 62  This bill would increase funds  and resources for the ATF:  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm (ATF) It is in the House Judiciary with 0 cosponsors.
  • Gun Violence Research Act: HR 1478   This bill would remove restrictions from funding gun violence related research by the Center for Disease Control, and provide new funding.   Status:  in House Energy and Commerce committee and has 55 cosponsors.

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