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The 2018 General Election Is Tuesday, Nov 6

Voter’s Guide/Candidate Information for Chester County Races

Consolidated List of Candidates with “Common Ground” Rating

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How the ratings were calculated:

The “common ground” rating is calculated based on candidate alignment with six positions held by a majority of those who do, and do not, own guns (data from non-partisan polls.)

An “A” rating indicates the candidate supports all six “common ground” positions. A “B” rating indicates the candidate supports five of six positions. “No Rating” means the candidate did not return our candidate information request, despite repeated contacts.

Here are the common ground issues:

  1. A background check for every gun purchase
  2. Minimum age for gun purchase 21
  3. Ban “bump stocks”
  4. Enact Emergency Risk Protection Order legislation
  5. Don’t arm teachers
  6. Require permit for gun concealed carry

Click here for more information about “common ground” in reducing gun violence.

Canvassing_Info_Voter_Education – Use it to help educate your neighbors about voting to reduce gun violence!


This document shows the information sent to the candidates and questions asked. Candidate_Solicitation_Template