Your Vote Is Your Voice.  Plan to Use It!

The 2018 General Election Is Tuesday, Nov 6

In Chester County, we will be voting for a variety of offices. Each of these offices will have a direct impact on gun law in our state:

  • PA State Representatives
  • PA Senators (for most, but not all Chester County districts)
  • Governor
  • US Congressional Representative (new 6th District)
  • US Senator

Not registered to vote? You need to register well in advance — by midnight October 9.

You can register here:   PA Voter Services

Going to Be Out of Town for the Election?  Get an Absentee Ballot!

If you know you’ll be absent for the election, and you are registered to vote, you can vote using an absentee ballot.

Please plan ahead! There are firm deadlines, which if missed will mean your vote will not count.

To apply for an absentee ballot, complete and return the application available on line at PA Voter Services.  The application must be submitted to Voter’s Services by Tuesday, Oct. 30.

Remember, the completed absentee ballot must be back in the Voter’s Services office by end of day Friday, Nov. 2. 

Gun Sense Voting

We will be compiling voter’s guides for:

  • Chester County PA Reps
  • Chester County PA Senators
  • 6th Congressional (Chester County &  part of Berks County)
  • PA Governor
  • US Senator – PA

Want to help?  Let us know. Email: